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Revenue gains averaged 2.9% per year to reach .0 billion in 2013, with consumers increasingly turning to the internet to meet prospective dates.

“Industry firms that provide subscription-based membership, however, faced revenue declines during 2009 due to declining per capita disposable income levels during the recession,” explains IBISWorld industry analyst Caitlin Moldvay.

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“Fortunately, revenue has grown consistently throughout the remainder of the five-year period.” In response to the increasing number of US adults with smartphone devices, companies introduced a bevy of new products, including i Phone, Android and Blackberry dating apps, as well as locations services that use global positioning system (GPS) technology to find other single people in a customer’s vicinity.

In addition to product expansion, as consumer demand for online dating and matchmaking services has grown, new companies have entered the industry, says Moldvay.

Industry consolidation is largely the result of increased mergers and acquisitions, as larger companies acquire well-established dating sites and companies to increase the density of their consumer bases.


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