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Since the blue silk field is new it is in excellent condition. This group consists of four famed items relating to the 91st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. CDV lithograph shows Pope in the uniform of a Brigadier General posed with one hand thrust in his coat a-la-Napoleon. Bottom front of mount has faint incorrect period pencil… Silver 18th Corps badge identified to Private Joseph Laclair of Company H, 98th New York Infantry, recovered in the greater Richmond area. Under each photo are a few strands of hair from each individual. Offered is a burgundy matted 11" x 14", double matted display with copies of photos of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.

This flag consists of a replaced blue silk field with the artwork from the original flag mounted on it. Carbine is a straight-breech, .52 caliber percussion, single shot breechloader fitted… William Starke Rosecrans (September 6, 1819 – March 11, 1898) was an American inventor, coal-oil company executive, diplomat, politician, and… He wears a dark shell jacket with trousers that have been hand tinted a sky-blue color. Offered is a burgundy matted 11" x 14", double matted display with copies of photos of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.

Image shows Buell posed between a column and a heavy curtain. Bottom of mount is labeled with a handwritten inscription… Image shows a mustached soldier wearing a dark frock coat with a small stripped bowtie. He is wearing a dark colored civilian frock coat, vest and trousers with a white shirt and cravat. The subject wears a dark frock coat with 1st Lieutenant shoulder straps and matching dark trousers. CDV image of Banks posed standing with one hand resting on the hilt of his sword and the other by his side holding a bicorn. Present are the original embroidered elements of the flag, including the Seal of the State of New York which includes the images of Liberty… Osborn posed with one arm behind his back and the other resting on the back of a chair.

He wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with brush epaulettes and matching dark trousers with a thin light leg stripe. Vignette bust view showing Franklin in right profile. Image shows Crittenden with shorter hair than is normally seen. Barney sated in front of a painted backdrop of a veranda. This finely made, circular silver disc measures 1 5/8" diameter and has a cut-out center in the shape of a five-pointed star surrounded by a 1/4" engraved belt and buckle border. This weapon was carried in the Civil War by Dem Youngers of Company C, 151st New York Infantry and bears a silver plaque on the stock attesting to that fact. This volume is a first edition which was written by Stephen R. Pinckney was the Major of the 11th Regiment of the New York National Guard. Image shows Smith dressed in a dark civilian suit posed by a column with his left hand holding the front of his jacket while his right hangs by his side. The General wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with matching trousers… He wears a dark double-breasted frock coat and matching dark trousers…

The grouping consists of Captain Richards' scrapbook of the Co. 32.50 inches in length with a 19.00 inch stopped fuller. CDV is a chest-up view of Samuel Paine of the 2nd Maine Artillery. Brass bugle has original mouthpiece and fully functions. He is wearing a dark colored double breasted frock coat with shoulder boards, dark colored trousers, white shirt and cravat. It is a first edition that was published in Philadelphia in 1852. CDV is a three-quarter standing view of Major General Israel Richardson. Outdoor view of Major General Marsena Patick, Provost Marshall of the Union Army with his staff. David Hunter (1802-1886) was a Union general who achieved fame by his unauthorized 1862 order emancipating slaves in three Southern states. Hitchcock, 21St Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry » Tiffany High Grade Presentation Sword To Major General Henry Slocum » Complete And Identified Birney’S Zouaves Uniform » Classic 1863-Dated Ames Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber And Scabbard » Pair Of Irish Dueling Pistols, Circa 1830’S » Confederate Maker-Marked, Original Leather Belt Holster For A Large Caliber Revolver » The coat is made of dark blue broadcloth that is in exceptionally good condition.


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