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At first, Harriet makes it sound like Buster is a jerk who did some horrible stuff, until Babs informs both Buster and the viewers that she thinks he's cute.

Babs then tells the viewers only to go out with guys your best friend thinks is cute.

Just then, Fifi is seen searching for her dream boy where she sees Calamity and mistakenly thinks he is about to fly into her heart, only to miss.

In the next scene, Calamity is on a building while finishing his Acme Jr.

Jet for his new plan; flying the jet to capture Beeper, who mistakes an "X" he set up for a Hopscotch line.

Bernice was most recently linked to rapper Drake, back in 2015.

An unconfirmed tip was sent to Industry On Blast, claiming that the pair were spotted together in Las Vegas. I.’s photos, which further fueled rumors that something may be going on.

Just as he is cleaning up, Fifi (Dubbed "Sexius Skunkius" meaning, Sexy Skunk) shows up and mistakes Calamity of being a boy skunk.


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    See full summary » Mika is a fresh high school student who starts texting a mysterious boy.

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    Wandering into the unknown, your head explodes, imagining every possibility: Is this date gonna suck? Is this going to be the person I spend the rest of my life with? For so many Rebels I’ve talked to, trying to get healthy is closely related to our hopes of finding someone special to spend our lives with.

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    There’s always the threat, of course, of consumed, of getting so caught up that you slip out of sync with the fellow wheels of your great love expedition.