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8.5Pre-war design, this Emerson "war-horse" became a prototype of many Emerson fans made between the years 19. Among it's features it boasts Parker blades and includes a bullet added to the rear of the fan to hide the oscillator and give the fan a sleeker, more streamline look. The sturdy rubber sleeved wire base offers a wide range of positions, from just under parallel to far beyond perpendicular, in which the angle of this fan can tilted and held in place with tightening knobs on either side of it's axis.

Motor cleaned and re-lubed for years of trouble free service.

GE's initial land mobile radio products were mobile and motorcycle receivers for the AM medium frequency police channels in the 17 KHz bands, and in the early 1930's the company branched out with an experimental VHF AM two way set, using a super-regenerative receiver, but which was more or less a toy rather than a serious police tool.

Inevitably, there will be "holes" in data coverage in any project like this, and I do not have enough information, manuals or examples of equipment to make this page an absolutely complete reference.

We have completely restored this one cleaning and lubing motor and cleaning original highly sought Vornado Turbine Fan. Great "Machine-Age" design harkening back to a time when style and function were at it's peak in American manufacturing. 7.5These were another of the very popular Bersted Mfg.