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“Amber Lulu is a very good friend of mine, ni mtu ambaye tumejuana na yeye kwa muda mrefu.Amber Lulu ni rafiki yangu, watu wengi hawamjui, Amber Lulu ana roho nzuri sana, ana roho ya huruma na ni mtu anayewajali watu wengine.” Ni mrembo kwa nje na kwa ndani,watu wanaweza kumuona Amber kwa TV wanasema hivi na vile lakini yeye pia ni binadamu…This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

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Kenyan Rapper Prezzo has come out to sham rumors that have been going round on social media that he and Amber Lulu may be dating.

The rapper who is known for his many controversies which are mostly related to women,has surprised many of his fans when he denied having a relationship with Tanzanian artist cum model.

As the occurrence of tick-borne infectious diseases, and particularly rickettsial infections, is increasing in humans worldwide (26), it may be assumed that the same holds true for companion animals.

In dogs, fever of unknown origin that is responsive to antibiotic treatment is frequently observed.

The majority of the ticks had been described previously (40) and had been microscopically identified based on their morphology using the key of the University of Neuchatel (6) or assumed to be members of the genus (40).


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