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“So bloggers are paid to upload posts featuring an advertised jacket, for example, right after an episode has finished.

The brand then spreads out to offline ads.” A spot in Gangneung’s Jumunjin Beach has already risen as a bustling tourist zone after “Guardian” shot a scene there.

Dokkaebi Kim is said to be 934 years old, though he sports the appearance of a 30-something man. lingers.” ( Awkward product placement Another issue that has plagued “Guardian” is its overt and awkward product placement.

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The currently airing “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo” spotlights a heroine for whom a slim figure is not a priority.

() “Guardian,” however, offers a female lead who is downtrodden and naive, reminiscent of the conventional “damsel in distress” type.

“Another Oh Hae Young” was lauded for portraying a flawed, relatable female protagonist who is honest about her emotions.

“I Can See Your Voice” featured a competent, older female prosecutor as its lead.

Though it is normal for TV series to use product placements to fund production, viewers say it has become “excessive to the point of distracting” in “Guardian.” “It’s gotten to a place where the products (the characters) use are moving the plot along,” said Park Su-jeong, 48.