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Your letter is interesting, Frustrated, because you make the case that your instincts are accurate (“my gut has never failed me”) yet ask, in essence, whether they may not be (“I don’t know how to get over the urge to read into everything”).

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Self-sabotage is essentially a stress response to emotional danger, much the way that our bodies have a stress response to physical danger (Run! But — and here’s the key — just as we don’t consciously control the surge in adrenaline when we see a bear, we don’t consciously control our behaviors when faced with a primal fear (fear of engulfment, fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc.).

Instead, we do what we can to protect ourselves from the perceived threat. Or: If I succeed in my parents’ profession, they will take all the credit. If what they’re saying and what they’re doing don’t jibe, they’re likely in self-sabotage mode (which is to say, self-protection mode).

To act as Boundary Riders, tending the fences which make the therapeutic frame.

But being a therapist does not mean we ought to sacrifice our sexuality and become celibate.

Love it or hate it, have altered the landscape for how we engage with each other.