Designing and validating an agent based commodity trading simulation

They should present a multidisciplinary approach that brings together the relevant communities to address their unifying goal.

designing and validating an agent based commodity trading simulation-7

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Proposals must clearly indicate how they support a challenge for one or more of these areas. to d., proposals should be based on a close cooperation between academia and industry, define output and impact KPIs27, include technology benchmarking against other approaches, and include user requirements. They shall clearly specify how they are connected to the programmes and / or how they will incorporate the platforms, testbeds and infrastructures existing in Europe, how they will attract and build communitie around them for openly promoting further technology developments as well as testing and benchmarking in the field and how they build on top of these to create European added value.

Proposals combining different sources of financing should include a concrete financial plan detailing the use of these funding sources for the different parts of their activities.

Each activity should clearly move the technology up the TRL scale. to d., proposals can integrate various activities covering the whole value chain, from fundamental to applied research, and with other types of activity, including demonstrators, etc., as appropriate.a.

Quantum Communication: Development of state-of-the art network devices, applications and systems (memories, quantum repeaters, network equipment, high throughput miniaturised quantum random number generators, etc.) for quantum communication mesh- networks.

They must also describe a clear strategy for dissemination and citizen engagement; and, in close cooperation with other proposals for preparatory actions that will be selected from this call, jointly organise and participate in an event addressing stakeholders including scientific communities, policy makers and the wider public and aiming at disseminating the main objectives and findings of the actions.