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Bordone, a Venetian painter, was trained by Titian.In 1548, Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen (1500-1559) painted “Kurfürst Johann Friedrich von Sachsen in der Gefangenschaft beim Schachspiel mit einem spanischen Bewacher” (Elector John Frederick of Saxony in captivity playing chess with a Spanish guard).

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The oil on panel painting was, until 1929, in the Collection Joseph Cremer in Dortmund.

It then was in the Museum Boymans in Rotterdam (Exhibition 1930-31) and at the Galerie J Goudstikker in Amsterdam.

In 1603, Karel van Mander (1548-1606) painted “Ben Jonson and Shakespeare Playing Chess” while in Holland.

It is supposedly a painting of Ben Jonson playing chess with William Shakespeare.

The painting, oil on canvas, shows a man and a lady playing chess.