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'With online dating, you have socioeconomic factors people try to match on — religion, how much you make,' Ron Gonzalez, co-founder of Instant Chemistry, told USA Today.

'This is another layer on top of that so you can better find matches.'Membership prices for Singld Out are $199 for three months, $249 for six months or $299 for 12 months. However, on the Singld Out Twitter account, promotional codes for $53 per month membership (three months being the minimum, making the actual price $159) are being tweeted daily.

If you’re looking for love online you can forget listing your hobbies and favorite books.

Dating sites can now find your perfect match based on DNA.

The tube is then sent to a lab, where it is tested for the presence of two genetic markers.


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    Because fossils actually record the slow but progressive development of life, scientists use them to identify rocks of the same age throughout the world.

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    So far from our site, the only lenders who will approve loans purely based on a borrower’s income, and those lenders have always been private lenders.

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    The Commission has made 15 corruption prevention recommendations to improve the regulatory response and to address other issues and concerns raised in this investigation.