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Finally, the Dominican Republic has had a stable democracy since 1978.

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While Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic, English is taught as a second language in most religious and private schools. Broadband internet access is available throughout most of the country - making it very easy to maintain a long distance relationship.

Although many girls from the Dominican Republic may not be fluent and will almost certainly have an accent, they should be able to communicate in English and will quickly improve their linguistic skills once they marry and move to an English-speaking country where they are immersed in the language around them. Over 83% of Dominicans have mobile phones, and many internet service providers offer wireless 3G internet for laptops and smart phones.

In contrast to Haiti, over 87% of Dominicans are literate (and most of the illiterate population is from the older generations in the rural areas).

In the Dominican Republic, primary education is both free and required from the ages of five to fourteen.

The result is a new and completely mixed ethnicity-in fact, 73% of Dominica's population can only be described as "multiracial"- but if you ask me, I would just describe them as Hot!


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