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" data-reactid="54"Him: You’re not going to kill me. Ridiculous stunt to watch for: The plane is flying into a massive storm that threatens to crash it because, well, that’s just what planes do in disaster movies.

And by the way, Flight just barely edged out Snakes on a Plane for dishonorable mention (I know you loved it when it came out, but go back and look at that snake CGI. So you’re telling me there’s a chance, Lauren Holly?

Her character is one of the worst-written movie heroines I can think of – I can imagine a flight attendant being coached on how to land a plane after both pilots die, before it’s blown up by the military. " data-reactid="51"You realize this movie is bad when: OK, so we get that Holly’s flight attendant has had some bad luck with men in the film’s opening. But when she allows herself to be duped into trusting a known serial killer whose fellow convict has somehow managed to kill several armed police detectives right in front of her?

Buckle up, because we’re in for some turbulent viewing, and beware: there are lots of spoilers ahead: Dishonorable Mention" data-reactid="28"Starring: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle Rotten Tomatoes scores.

And the movies we’ll include in the bottom 6 are much worse.

You’ll either love Liotta going from charming to crazy during this movie or you’ll hate it.