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There's a point at which parents get so desperate they sell whatever they can to make ends meet, including their daughters.

I was in Cairo, Egypt, last week, and this topic came up as I was talking to some Egyptians at my hotel.

I found that not only does prostitution seem to have expanded following the revolution, it appears to have settled into stark social and economic layers.

If a young man wants to have sex, he can go to a prostitute.

These days, the least expensive girls are Egyptians who frequent certain coffee shops and apartments dedicated to that purpose.

At home, most homosexuals keep their sexual orientation a secret known only to close friends, fearing social stigma.

Local fiction and films with homosexual characters are rare and typically accompanied by their share of controversy.

Scenes involving sex or displays of affection between same-sex couples in foreign movies are censored.


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    For example, some department stores have point-of-service terminals where customers swipe their cards themselves and then sign the display.

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    There is some really slick direction going on in some scenes ala other films like You're Next where a scene will suddenly transition into slow motion during the action, the acting is surprisingly impressive given the fact these actresses had to be comfortable showing some skin at various parts of the movie (that usually tends to attract lesser-quality actresses), there is some nice tension, some great and inventive kills, and a truly hair-raising killer.

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    Unfortunately, Axl doesn't want to spend his senior year without a car.

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