Emt dating

They work through hours of boredom with only each other for company, along with intense periods where they must work on, over and under each other with fierce intent in order to help save someone's life.

You don't need to be an Iron Chef to realize what recipe comes out of those not-so-secret ingredients.

So if we're so made for each other, why do we fail miserably so much of the time?

A long time ago, in a first aid squad far, far away, I sat in my very first EMT class, raptly listening to the instructor lecturing us on the finer points of patient assessment.

He told us that we would be having "hands-on" practice later, which elicited the usual ripple of snickers and comments about palpation and the necessary details of any thorough head-to-toe assessment.

I mean, you have a common language, you often do the same job (even in the same place), and the nature of your relationship allows you to spend all that extra time together.

One would think if you date someone in the field they would be more understanding and you would be able to communicate more easily, which is the key to any successful relationship--right?

It doesn't leave much time for traditional socializing.