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) As with Technosexuality, now we get the advent of the Internet. And inevitably, as people on the internet will do when they find something that interests them, the Mind Control oriented stories were collected on a homepage and shared. As a side note, the esteemed author, Boris Ludmenkov used to have an essay on the nature of mind control erotica on the EMCSA that comes as close to anything I've seen to a FAQ for the subject.

And people that had been writing their fantasies into nice erotic bits of fiction all this time began sharing them with one another on bulletin boards and the usenet group, Alt. Unlike the rise and fall of the techno or statue fetish pages on the net, the one repository of Mind Control Fetish fiction online has remained constant. But Simon Bar Sinister's 'Erotic Mind Control Story Archive' has been around for 8 plus years as of this writing. He was gracious enough to share a copy with me from the deepest darkest recesses of his computer's hard drive.

It's held the attention of man for several hundred years, and perhaps several thousand. It overlaps into all manner of other fetishes, and not just the ones that come before these words in this FAQ. It likely started in its VERY modern form in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with the tales of villains and heroes and the damsel in distress. (And if you're interested in THAT kind of story, there's plenty of those too.) Did it ever go away? If anything, with the advent of pulp fiction, spy stories, science fiction in its silver age, and even later, reports of drug and government experimentation in brainwashing, cults, and the like, the ideas of erotic mind control became only more and more plausible. So is it any wonder that with science fact and science fiction avidly looking into the areas of mind control, that the linkage between sex and mind control was far behind?

I said we'd get into that in a little while.) It's been around for a while. And the knowledge was just as seductive and impossible to unlearn. Prurient interest in the way super villains mesmerized poor innocent victims into doing their will has probably been just as annoying to the writers of those old stories as the parlour tricks that have dogged and undermined the credibility of hypnosis to genuine practitioners. The X-Files at least has the benefit of being outright fiction.

And it was likely eaten with a lot less hesitation than Eve did in her story. As soon as there was the concept of a villain in fiction, comics, film or radio, there was one that capitalized on his or her evil genius to control the minds of men or women. If you choose to research the documented effects of pleasure/pain/drug mental conditioning as found in government experimentation, you'll wish it WAS the X-Files.