Error validating users agent

I defined a policy which allows "Authenticated Users" to access the resource: "

_______________________________________________ Visit the Open AM forum at AM mailing list [hidden email] I have Open AM 12.0.0 on a machine and the agent "Apache_v22_Linux_64bit_4.0.0-SNAPSHOT" (Build date: Oct 27 2015) on a separate machine where Apache resides.

The MTA processes existing messages first, before processing new messages, so that messages arrive in the order in which they were sent.

During a reconfiguration of your system, a user has addressed a message to a location that either no longer exists or does not exist yet, because the reconfiguration information has not yet replicated throughout the Group Wise system.

Make sure the user and password information is correct and current. In some configurations, you might need to specify a distinguished name (for example, Make sure the input queue directory exists and that the MTA has sufficient rights to create files there.

If necessary, and if the input queue subdirectories are empty, you can rename the original input queue directory and then manually recreate it, along with its required subdirectories.

There is a one-to-one mapping from this Base URL to the Web server domain on which the Web Gate is installed (as specified with the Host Identifier element). An optional, unique password for this Web Gate, which can be assigned during this registration process.


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