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Those who care will let you know, even if they can’t make it. However, Belgians sometimes take it to an extreme that many internationals find remarkable.

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The key to overcoming this situation is to be patient.

By all means, take initiative and attempt hangouts with Belgians.

They generally seem soft-spoken, with the occasional rant here and there (usually complaining about something). Whether or not they are buying into what you are proposing is a mystery.

Overall, no matter if dealing with someone from Brussels, Wallonia, or Flanders, Belgians appeared to me rather disaffected and generally cold and distant. If they are, they don’t show much enthusiasm about it, for sure!

He originally moved to this land due to a very attractive job offer, but after awhile, he would complain about all the small cultural differences between his country and this one. Amongst the many questions, I asked about his life here that would trigger his decision to return home, there was one about his social life, more specifically about all his Belgian friends…“What are these Belgian friends you speak of?


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    Conversations are organised into threads and are often moderated.

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