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Gay or straight, big or small cocks, all are welcome! There are hordes of other groups claiming the same thing, and most of them are complete bullshit.

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Given the gender gap in the tech-startup world right now, I'm guessing I have a long while to wait for such an app.

Group for husbands who just can't resist fresh pussy and the dutiful wives who love to watch their man with other women.

Somehow, penis photography is even less appealing in Blendr's "just friends" trappings. Even for the modern woman who knows she wants a casual hookup, declaring this on a public profile will result in such an avalanche of attention, potential social stigma, and legitimate safety concerns that it negates the ease of using such an app.

Alas, to quote my friend: “What’s gay-efficient is hetero-creepy.” Clearly Blendr isn't the hetero hookup app I've been waiting for. For a straight-Grindr to work, it also needs to position itself as clearly about casual sex. Can we please stop pretending that only men are interested in no-strings hookups? To make women comfortable, you need to put the control in their hands.

The search results for users in my area included gay men and straight women, even after we set my profile to indicate that I'm a woman who's into men. It's meant to be for everyone looking for everything, so it's not working for anyone.


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