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And, on a recent Tuesday morning, Glendale resident Sharon Cripe, 67, finished blow-drying her hair before announcing what was on her agenda: "I'm going on a date! But what the heck, I can have a cup of coffee or tea with him."In Goodyear, Judi Wolowitz, 67, reminisced about her "amazing, storybook marriage" that came about after she joined in 1998.

""Actually, it's a meet-and-greet," clarified Cripe, using what she explained is the correct terminology used by savvy online daters. It ended when her husband died in 2011, but Wolowitz returned to the dating website a year later and is in a relationship with someone she met on the site."I'm enjoying it," said Wolowitz.

However, the opportunity to find success increases with more options."This expands the pool," Handler said.

"I'm looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with."When Wolowitz attended the Pebble Creek singles club, she found herself surrounded by non-married couples who met there.

Teets isn't looking to remarry and is unsure whether online dating is for her.