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Such is the premise for Forty Days of Dating, the project of graphic designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman which came to a conclusion early last week when the finale episode of their saga was published online and they revealed on the Today Show that they did, in fact, break up at the end of their experiment.The entire process was meticulously and artistically documented through photographs of accumulated items from their dates, quirky videos, and no shortage of colorful, text-based graphic design.

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Let’s try it out for forty days, and see if we learn anything in the process”.

And thus they embarked together on a great adventure.

They were good friends who used to talk about their adventures on the New York dating scene. They blogged the first 36 days in the spring and saved the final four for this week. Is the theater of falling in love the same as falling in love? Then Tim, true to type, began to back off, but thanks to the therapist he didn’t have to hide his feelings, from Jessica or the universe: Tim seemed overwhelmed by the pressure, and he began to pick me apart again.

Walsh is a “hopeless romantic who jumps into relationships very quickly.” Goodman is “afraid of commitment and tends to date many girls at the same time.” For 40 days they decided they would date, meaning go out once a day, not go out with anyone else, and blog about it. He said some of the most hurtful things anyone has ever said to me.

Back and forth they went, like a reality show, only in print.


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