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So even though if said anti-hate group was expressing crude things, it'd be in Response, thus, not judged to the same effect. Some of the speech is even deemed questionable as free speech as the kind to instigate confrontation.One couldn't say "Oh, they both said bad things." Well, the hate group was, and the other retorted. Group G comes prepared with lots of people and cut Group H off.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. If HRC does something shady, we should arrest her immediately.

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They aren't a threat to "us"."let's see what a final investigation shows"translation: if it happens to us, we won't wait for an investigation.

You can't make people hate Trump for the reasons that you hate Trump. The question you need to ask yourselves is why you need non-Trump haters to hate Trump Do you need them to validate your feelings? We don't need a travel ban against "those" terrorists.

Openly allowing carrying of guns to a hate speech rally also goes beyond the ridiculous, but hey..Second Amendment must be upheld at all costs as well, right. Openly allowing carrying of guns to a hate speech rally also goes beyond the ridiculous Inciting violence is certainly a crime... Heck, "they" could get the word "abortion" banned b/c it offends so many americans. Local laws have more stringent things on what can be chanted, displayed, and such, as far as being unnecessarily crude.

And say it is -- say you got a horrible group doing that that's legally going over-the-top in it's "expression" that's quite hateful.

They are the type who would use a sledgehammer to kill the fly on their brand new TV b/c doggone it, they're going to teach that fly a lesson, and not think one second further into the future than the length of their nose. Evil because he does represent the worse of what's in people...a woman basher, shyster, in all his nastiness,..until your blue in the face.