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The future looks bright after speaking with the girls from the upcoming film STEP.

Bitch Talk sat down with three of the featured dancers in the film - Blessin Giraldo, Tayla Solomon, and Cori Grainger to talk about their time at the Baltimore... As a breakout contemporary dancer and choreographer, Bobbi isn't afraid to bare her soul and body in a new documentary film following her journey from Tel Aviv, Israel, back to the states to chase after her solo dance...

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Wild fires just miles from our home bases, director Richard Linklater's latest film, new friend of the show and director of...

In such a short amount of time from when we last caught up with Ange, Char, and Erin, they talk about the devastating fires in Northern California, San Francisco Supervisor (and friend of the show) Jane Kim, the Punchline comedy club, the Mill Valley... His films give voices to the voiceless and gives audiences a peek into the lives of people we don't normally come into contact with on a daily basis.

Yes, we had a good time interviewing the writers/directors of the film Good Time and also interviewing the lead actor Robert Pattinson.

Yes, that Robert Pattinson or as we like to call him, RP.

Filmmakers Corey Ohama and Brenda Avila-Hanna are sharing their documentaries for free until September 30 that...