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If you are planning a community visit then our Mossman Gorge Community Engagement Guidelines might be helpful.

Practicing criminal defense in the Bay Area requires special consideration for non-U. That is why your Summit Defense legal team will include our immigration attorney Scott Mossman if you are not a U. Non-citizen clients may ask questions such as: Scott regularly answers these and other questions for Summit Defense attorneys and their clients, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding their defense strategies. Mossman is considered to be an expert in the immigration law field and presents seminars to other attorneys on relevant immigration subjects.

The residents of Mossman are predominantly from the Kuku Yalanji Clan, whose traditional lands spread to the Wujal Wujal community and the township of Mossman.

The community is located on land comprised of an Aboriginal reserve of 27 hectares and a freehold lot of 3,887 hectares within the Douglas Shire Council area.

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