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I love call of duty for...(as you have all prob guessed by I have a very girlie gamertag, and its obvious I am a girl, but I have never had any problems from other because, I dont have my mic plugged in...I cant hear them LOL.

Stuff em anyway, they are just hurt they get their ***** whooped by a girl....everyone can see it!

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Our community is super friendly and we welcome diversity. We are a space for gamers to unite and build friendships.

You can belong to any gaming clan and still have a home at Girl Tribe Gaming.

Last week, Eurogamer broke the news that Microsoft intends to quadruple the accuracy of the Kinect camera - a feat that would make finger movements and hand rotation detectable by the device.

J'ai traité avec Chit Chats depuis leur première année.

Ne semble pas pouvoir arrêter de chanter cette chanson (hum la mélodie).


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