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She was surprised by my forcefulness, but submitted to the feeling of my mouth on her clit. Panting, heavy breathing, low groans, louder moaning, then full on screaming as her body shook and she shoved her ass back into my face.I held on to her thighs and continued working her until she was finally done, And her body relaxed. My prick was now at full mast, and lined up perfectly with her back door.

She saw her son, desperate to feel the illusion of a woman’s flesh…

so as a mother, wanting to be there for him, she stepped in to be that woman and (literally) offered me her hand, and then mouth, and we developed a relationship.

It ended with us in bed, me in top of her, my cock buried as far as her cervix would let me.

Her dripping pussy straining to hold back the massive deposit of cum her mouth and cunt had pulled out of me.

My mother gasped as my tongue plunged inside of her.