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Worthing council's chief executive, Ian Lowrie, said: "Our biggest worry is the windsurfers and kite surfers.

If they hit timber at the speeds they go it could be very nasty.

Though the wood in the hold - and that on the beach - can no longer be sold for any structural use, it could do for paper or sawdust.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman Fred Caygill said: "The ship's owners have acted responsibly in organising a clear-up operation, and the owners of the cargo are trying to organise a purchase of the washed-up wood."Of more immediate concern is the danger to traffic on the water from the planks still floating about.

Had she tried the same thing at an automatic crossing, such as at Yapton, she would have been in great danger of being hit by a train.“Level crossing lights and barriers are there to keep everyone safe and I would appeal to users, at Roundstone and elsewhere, to pay attention to them.