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so I spent 3 days on learning HTML and CSS, passed their exams and felt a bit like neo from the matrix.


Who would ever want to put in all of that effort for a website?

Just open up your web browser and type "bootstrap template" into your favorite search engine, like Yahoo! There are hundreds of templates to choose from, but go ahead and pick this same exact template from the first result on google, edit a few lines, and you're on your way! Google That Shit Here's my phone number and email address, because hey that's part of the template and why would you not include that on your webpage? I can't wait for all the job offers to come pouring in from all the companies wanting my insane website design skills.

he's disgusting and snotty and really Emotionally Wrecked but i love him with all my heart ok if u wanna like have a character relationship w him comment ig this ugly highlighter needs love and friends pls also this has my old art in it too so SORRY if u went blind the last one is just me its old and i laughed at it for way too long k - i love it when ur parents (dad) say they want the best for you but the only thing they're concerned about is your grades??? buddy have u ever considered that MAYBE the fact that my grades are lacking a little is because i'm not feeling myself?? thanks for uhhhhhh "trying to understand" though.

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" BTW, this move will seem brilliant when the NFL's starving fans latch onto the Sun Belt and turn it into the most successful conference in America in two years, finally growing into a conference of a stature befitting their metal-as-fuck website. Joel Hale vomited copiously into a trash can at morning workouts today. Um, and Terrelle Pryor's still in a walking boot, but really the important part is noting that Joel Hale vomited like a goddamn champion with the ghost of Woody Hayes standing approvingly behind him, but not patting him on the back because men don't touch other men except in violence. At least one Oregon fan would buy Will Lyles, he of the recruiting service that is the focus of an NCAA investigation at multiple schools, a drink. Florida State has an innovative solution to being over the scholarship limit: they're just gonna chill. Nick Fairley's draft status is falling because he may be too talented to succeed in the NFL.