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Giving out your phone number and online dating

After making sure the connection was secure and trying for another 15 minutes, the phone was at 14 percent.

Another connection check and 15 more minutes later, the phone was at 16 percent.

It's a $60 hand crank that is roughly the size of a smartphone itself and has a retractable crank you can turn to charge your phone.

Charging your phone this way would take a lot of labor - three hours of cranking, to be exact.

Matthieu Dubarry, an electrochemist at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute who is an expert in batteries, told Daily that trying to charge a phone with a 9V battery 'is certainly not a good idea because of the voltage.''You don't want to put anything past 4.5 volts.''That’s really really bad,' he echoed, emphasizing that no batteries, even lower than 9V, should be used.