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@florian-bayer: We tried using MK802s for our dashboards at Shopify, but those things ended up being crap.They would overheat all the time, and would boot only half the time. On our dashboard, I only see the issue only on number widgets, both of which are updated once a minute from curl (but this may be a coincidence).

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But it just gives you 720p output, not as supposed 1080p, but it scales very good on a full HD Monitor so that itsn't that big problem.

@bashtoni It sounds like your issues is solved, but I would recommend trying the Midori browser on Raspberry Pi instead of Chromium.

Not all widgets fail to update at the same time, but the longer the browser session runs, seemingly the more widgets fail.

Typically the first one will fail to update after only a few minutes.

Midori performs much better, and might actually be able to render the number animations without any issue.