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If the movie failed to deliver that and deliver it well, audiences would be disappointed because the movie would be breaking its #1 promise. Next in the Side note – when I found out that Bob Hoskins was actually a British actor with a very thick english accent “playing” an American film noir era detective with a flawless American accent, my respect level for him went through the roof! We don’t know why Eddie (Bob Hoskins character) doesn’t like toons, which is immediately interesting. Usually a movie only has 1 “theme stated” moment, but because we as an audience don’t understand the logic of the toon universe, that logic has to be explained or “stated” to us a couple of times. Maroon explains to Eddie Valiant why Roger Rabbit is cracking up and stressed out when he says moments explain to us that the logic of a toon is the opposite to that of a human, in fact its counter-intuitive to a human but at the same time makes sense. Why wouldn’t you take off handcuffs you were trapped in?

It would be like Back to The Future without a time machine! This happens in 2 parts of the film, the 1st of which is one of my favorite parts of the movie, and pretty hilarious as well. There are lots of reasons we could come up with, but the main reason, which supports the theme of the movie is because they are toons!

With that said, I’m happy to say we are BACK on track for the final 3 tribute videos which will be (starting with this blog’s tribute) as our final Save The Cat video tribute.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about the video tributes that have been posted so far.

May Blake Snyder rest in peace and may his innovative teachings in Save The Cat! , tribute video, who framed roger rabbit on November 9, 2010 by mediajuicestudios FYI; anyone wanting to learn the “Save The Cat!


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