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This tool contains: cube menu, morph menu, tree menu, wheel menu, flozoids, IFS fractals, fireworks, hue rotator, lake, lens, snow, water, Zoom Rotator, Galaxy, tmap cube 3d, tunnel 3d, book flip, Cross Fade banner, mosaic banner, Anfy chat, Anfy cam, Anfy paint, fire, flag, text scroller, etc. It combines the traditional use of a webcam for video chat with the ability to share videos, images and Power Point presentations through your webcam.

Cam Do is build to give the advanced users more power over their little cams. It also includes filters, effects and avatars to enrich your video chats.

Comes with 100's of nice features and is very user friendly.

It is built with VB6 and designed for work in Windows Operating system platform.

I-Can-See-You will send you an email when the computer goes online with a link to connect to it. You can even start your own video chat room with the Camfrog Server program.

This way you can watch through your web browser with one click. You can also use this program on i Phones and Android devices.

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