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Stratos Paradias was decorated by the "Haus & Grund Deutchland", German association - member of the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) with its "Goldene Ehrennadel" for his success and devotion to his long time duties as UIPI President (Berlin, 2017) and has been nominated as a member of the Honorary Senate of the "Deutch-Hellenische Wirtschaftsvereinigung"("DHW") for his contribution to its efforts and goals (Koln,2008).

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He is the Introducer of the legislation for the deregulation of the commercial and dwelling rentals in Greece and he is a member of the State Committee for the Codification of the Commercial Rentals Legislation, 1994.

He has been active member of the State Committee for the Taxation of Real Estate Property, 1997, the National Council against Tax Evasion, 2007 and the Ministry of Finance Committee for the Taxable value of real estate property (2016).

He started as Director of Treasury, Asset Management and Insurance and was in charge of the restructuration of about 100 hotels.

From 2009 to 2015 Christian headed the Hotel Development Department … Since 2016 he is in charge as SVP Development Europe for the development in about 30 countries, in which Accor Hotels opens in average more than 100 hotels per year. He is a graduate of the Law School and also graduate of the Political Sciences and Public Law School of the University of Athens.

assuming ownership in 2002 when the name changed to Oliver Laws Ltd.


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