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:p but I was happy to see the commercial of Survivor and I saw you there! Meron akong TFC at GMA thru satellite pero hindi pinapalabas yung show mo.

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Bong Hernandez (Ondabag)(Jan 12, 2009) I know I knew you from up my email and i saw this.and I is a survivor TV show fan.. Meron ditong babae, may dalang streamer, nakalagay, "MY GIGIT" aba....'to ha? Judy Pazon(December 02, 2008) gusto ko mka (friendly date) is GIGIT..a frustrated mountain climber so i would like to hear his escapades on the mountains he conquered...i also found him to be very articulate and intelligent..sure there will be no dull moment with him... You were warm and appeared so at home in front of the camera...intelligent answers too. Reggie(Sept 9, 2008) Hey Paolo Bediones plugged Survivor in Eat Bulaga. Interesting mga castaways like this 48 year old with the body of a 22-year old hunk." Pressure! Bring our prayers that you be safe and will be able to survive the trials.

there are still SO MUCH for you out there LONERIDER! Reggie(Dec 12, 2008) Nang-upstage kami dito with our tarp. you should hear him speak his mind, his ideas are not only thought provoking but they also speak a truth so uncommon these days! May mga nagsusulputan ka ng fans and may nagcomment na mukha daw may asim ka pa. There's a castaway dude 49, but with the body of a 25. coz i would then be looking forward to watchin that paolo bediones show! Neneng(June 4, 2008) If you make it, bon voyage and God bless you.

Ang ibig sabihin, ang mga 'kalokohan' at mga practical jokes ay authorized sa araw na ito.

Isa rin ako sa 'naisahan' dito dahil akala ko naman ay kainan ang reception at tipong may background music pang awit ni Luciano Pavarotti.

It was this behavior that alarmed his alliance and consequently made him their target. Maria Falcon(Oct 27, 2008) Nice one last night on All Star K ... joden(October 20, 2008) ganda ng mga thoughts ni gigit. Ikaw daw ang pinakamatipuno, pinakamalakas, pinakamakisig na tribe member and how it was such a shock that you were voted off. Let me know if there is a way I can watch episodes online somewhere. :) Ronx"Chev: ..type ko si Lone Rider"(Sep 21, 2008) Hahaha aba aba aba, hanep may asim pa nga!!