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Even though the exterior is in nice condition, the interior has been vandalized by party-goers and badly burned from fire damage.

Along with their regular projects, they'll also be helping Mike and his crew to renovate a room dubbed the "Holmes Dome".

Later, the experts inspect their work project by project with interior design, special projects, and art installation.

Mike trucks the couples even further into the country of Henry County and shows them a huge hoarders house on a large lot that they have to turn into a Victorian-style dream home.

One partner will paint while the other will guide with their voice only through an obstacle course of hay bales, under/over bars, and through tires.

One team must construct a backyard studio and a multi-functional piece of furniture, while the other team builds a bar lounge in the garage.

Home Free was an American television reality competition series that premiered on the Fox network on July 22, 2015. Last couple remaining wins the ultimate grand prize. Get ready for a giant competition where everyone is already a winner. Every week, we build a home on Home Free Boulevard. The couples will break down into two teams (Green Team and Gold Team).