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KERNS: No, no, she came back and did a TV mom, but...

HENDERSON: We have a caller right now, my first call.

And we talked very much, Tracey and I did, about her taking the initiative to get help herself and she just couldn't do it. Do you realize that for the rest of your life you'll be walking around with my name on your arm? You may not stick knives up your nose, you may not gargle with razor blades, and you may not drink water directly out of the toilet. (LAUGHTER) UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: I don't know how to play.

And I actually, I think, lost her friendship for a short period of time because I was so afraid she was going to die that I called the head of the studio and I asked them to intervene. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "GROWING PAINS") KERNS: A tattoo! JEREMY MILLER, ACTOR: But it says "Mother." (LAUGHTER) KERNS: I don't care what it says, Ben. MATHERS: Because if you want to be aggressive, I can be just as aggressive as you can.

I mean, every day it was something I looked forward to. (LAUGHTER) MATHERS: Barbara Billingsley has always been great. So a lot of people, when "Leave It to Beaver" came on, thought that naturally, you know, even though we all had different names, last names, they thought that we really were a family. I was lucky to be around in the golden age of television and allowed to work at that time. 1 demographic group for the original "Leave It to Beaver" is women 18 to 35. MATHERS: You know what I feel great: first male spokesperson for Jenny Craig, I've been on three years and I feel great.