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Researchers say it could be because yoga forges a stronger mind-body connection through meditation and creates self-confidence, which can lead to feeling more romantic. "Sure, it's a cliché," says Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.

D., the author of "But it works." There's nothing like warm suds on your naked body to pump up the sensuality factor and remind yourself how important it is to take time to reconnect with you.

the rest of your (potential) relationship, but keep your cocktails restricted.

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Stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and focus on the things you really love about yourself: your strong thighs, shiny hair, or full, sexy chest.14. Focus on just one activity — reading a book or having a snack. "For us, that's the bedroom," says Erica Smith, a San Francisco mom of two. You will literally and figuratively see yourself in a new light.

Tuning out from the world helps make you a priority, which in turn reminds you just how lovable you are. found that women who regularly practiced yoga felt sexier. Once a week (or more, if you're lucky), light candles, run a bath, add a foaming bath gel, and submerge yourself in a warm tub.

Here are 21 ways to tap in to your sensual self — and start reaping the benefits tonight. D., the author of way, but that's not a bad idea either.) Take the time after a hot shower to massage your body with lotion, instead of just slapping it on. "I brush my skin with a soft brush every morning when I wake up," says Mary Mc Guire-Wien, of New York City. "Hearing those tunes sends my thoughts to sexy places," she says.

Or take out photos from when you two first started dating. Play up your eyes with a new eyeliner, or try a different gloss on your lips.

And for Pete's sake, stop stressing over your thighs or your tummy pooch. Mindful breaths enhance and reinforce the mind-body connection, says Sandor Gardos, Ph. For a few minutes each morning, close your eyes and breathe deeply. When you're relaxed, it's easier to get in touch with your inner sexiness.13. From the onset of puberty, we're taught to scrutinize every imperfection of our bodies. Life's distractions keep you from being fully in touch with yourself, never mind anyone else, Brizendine says. "Awakening your inner rhythm awakens your sensuality."16. Nothing kills sensuality like a room full of Tinker Toys, diaper bags, and crayon-drawn art. Taking care of yourself boosts your confidence — plus, having someone pamper you and make you feel pretty can remind you that, heck yeah, you're worth it, hot mama.19. Light a scented candle in your den or break out those candlesticks for dinner.