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2016 - 2017 Season marked the second season Harriet and her new mate M15 mated as a pair.

The season started with much anticipation if the eagles would return as the nest had been completely lost after the end of the last season.

The first egg (E5) was laid November 19 and hatched (37 days) Dec. The 2nd egg (E6) was laid November 22 and hatched (35 days) Dec. (CROW) for evaluation after showing signs of disorientation and injury.

After 97 days of care to recover from a broken left clavicle and a broken left coracoid bone, Ozzie was released back into the wild near the nest.

After Ozzie’s passing, Harriet spent a few weeks courting possible new mates but eventually bonded (or mated) with M15, laying two eggs.


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    Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, to Mattie Della (née Shaw; 1933–2002) and John Lewis Nelson (1916–2001).

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    Various press sites ran articles about Zoe and Anita in attempts to “support” them. By running one-sided stories about various women, both for and against, the media has turned these women into greater targets through those biases.