Incentives prices emissions trading scheme updating

The per-metric tonne price of carbon dioxide emissions during Phase II of the ETS, which lasted from 2008 to 2012, fluctuated from around €8/tonne to €32/tonne (.64/tonne-.56/tonne).

The average 2010 price of carbon dioxide in the ETS was €13.99/tonne (.62/tonne).

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From 2013 onward, all prices are for the current year's vintage allowance with a futures contract expiring in December of that same year.

From January 1, 2014 onward, moving average is derived from settlement prices.

European feed-in tariffs establish price signals - effectively rewards for avoided carbon emissions - that are many times higher than the explicit carbon price levied by the ETS.

EU Emissions Declines Owe More to Historic Circumstance than ETS EU-15 carbon emissions have fluctuated over the last two decades, with aggregate 2010 emissions 6.5 percent lower than emissions in 1990, the base year for Kyoto protocol emissions reductions goals.

Feed-in Tariffs Create Stronger Incentive for Clean Tech than ETS Meanwhile, it's clear that the EU ETS is not the principal driver of the rapid expansion of European clean tech segments.