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Once the idea might have been a woman with bleach blonde hair and huge boobs. Sex work is something that all types of women from all walks of life do, for different reasons. Looking back on how much I’ve made since it doesn’t seem like much, but having earned nearly a whole day’s pay in less than two hours was amazing.

Some of us want money, some of us want adventure, and some of us want to do something exciting. I had moved to London to study at a prestigious university, and I was a long way from home. If I was going to do any of the things I’d spent years dreaming of doing, I needed more money. I started working with Allie more, learning the ropes.

Apparently, he liked the humiliation of having another person in the room.

I thought that if she was doing something like that, it would be okay. At least when I was working I would tell someone where I was and make sure that I had a ‘safe call’. She met me at Baker Street tube and escorted me to a basement flat, which looked like any other fancy London home. There were whips and spanking paddles and rules and all kind of things. This time, my job was to watch, not to do anything.

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