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“He quickly confessed to searching for and downloading images of ‘young boys in love’, directing officers to the relevant computers and handing over his passwords,” a spokesperson for the NCA said.“But Renault did not tell officers he had hidden a camera in the clock in his bathroom and used it to record guests at his home.Since then, he has worked consistently on stage and in television, first coming to public prominence with his role as receptionist Ruairi Mc Gowan in RTÉ’s The Clinic, and in the UK through cult fantasy series Being Human.

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Patrice Renault, 43, was initially investigated by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and police because of internet traffic showing he had viewed indecent images of children at his home.

He was found to have downloaded hundreds of videos of child abuse on to his computers, as well as extreme pornography and voyeuristic images.

That photo, coupled with plentiful scenes of his very toned torso in Poldark, turned him into an international heart-throb.

It’s a label that, it seems, Turner is not overly keen to embrace.

But it was his starring role in the remake of Poldark, which begins its second season next month, that has made Aidan Turner a household name — and stirred up no small amount of interest in his romantic life.