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Speaking after the verdict, Lesley Smith, Mr Hunt's former girlfriend of around three years, condemned the internet fraudsters.

"These people are out to get people when they are very vulnerable and at a low ebb. "Philip was a very gentle gentleman, very quiet and reserved and very intelligent, which hearing the story today you find unbelievable but he was at a low ebb and it gets people at their most vulnerable." Detective Chief Inspector Danny Snee, of British Transport Police, said Mr Hunt had met "Rose" on a website in December 2008 and communicated with her through emails and texts.

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In 1972, Alcala raped and tortured eight-year-old Tali Shapiro, then beat her to within an inch of her life with a steel bar - but she survived.

Unfortunately, her parents wouldn't let her testify against him, which might have led to a longer jail sentence.

The casting people and producers also somehow managed to miss his criminal record, including his disturbing 1972 child molestation conviction.

Alcala used every ounce of his charm while on the show, and actually won a date with Cheryl Bradshaw, the episodes' bachelorette, whose affections he was competing for.

They never did go on that date though, as Bradshaw thought he was creepy.