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Discuss with the client the ways in which you can make it most comfortable for them.

It is often among the first and most important aspects of transition for those who identity as female-to-male (FTM) and is typically an interim measure for clients who desire chest reconstruction surgery.[1,2] *Within the context of this post, the term ‘transmasculine’ is used as an umbrella term to describe people who identify as trans and who express their gender identity as masculine.[3] While the links between binding and sexual health have yet to be established, trans clients are at increased risk for STIs and are more likely to avoid seeking care and testing.[5,6,7] Fear of transphobic discrimination, such as having to educate providers on basic aspects of trans health, is a commonly cited reason for avoiding care.[5,6,7] As a result, apprehension surrounding how a provider will address their binding may be yet another reason for transmasculine clients to avoid care, increasing the potential for negative sexual health outcomes.

Ensure you know the name and pronoun (he, she, they, etc.) your client uses.

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While many clients who bind recognize the importance of breast exams and related screenings, the procedures are often emotionally painful.