Intimidating and victim and sexual abuse

It includes attempted rape — unwanted fondling or sexual touching — and rape, generally defined as penetration of a victim’s body against their will.

Sexual assault can involve forcing someone into non-consensual sexual acts by way of manipulation, physical or emotional coercion, or psychological force, including threats or other means of intimidation.

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Look out for each other and make sure everyone gets home safely.

If you do go out alone, always tell someone where you are going and avoid walking in unlit or unfrequented areas.

If you’ve identified that your partner exhibits controlling or aggressive behaviors and you’re afraid to address these issues within your relationship, it’s time to get help.

Victims often don’t realize the dangers of their situation until it’s too late — the dynamic between the abuser and abused is strategically designed to discourage the victims from acknowledging or addressing the problem.

RAINN reports that nearly 70% of victims don’t inform the police and that a mere 25% of reported assaults eventually result in an arrest.