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Hence, when two NPs are paired in a relationship, they typically enjoy discussing new ideas they gleaned from print or other media.This can serve as a wonderful means of connecting with each other in the forum of ideas.As Intuitive types, all NPs gravitate toward more abstract varieties of communication.

You might be typecast, so you have to be aware of the kind of person they see you as.

Though they are still NFPs, so it is not so bad, they still can be pretty flexible(sometimes too flexible).

Especially when engaged with other NP types, this can occur at a dizzying speed, often leaving non-NP types feeling lost, bewildered, or exhausted.

For NPs, however, engaging with other NPs can be captivating, engendering a strong sense of intellectual kinship and mutual understanding.

Consequently, the ENTP, ENFP, INTP, and INFP personality types are likely to enjoy some degree of similarity and compatibility in relationships.