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Portrayed by Rachel Gurney, Lady Marjorie Helen Sybil Bellamy (née Lady Marjorie Helen Sybil Talbot-Carey; or 12 July 1864 – 15 April 1912) is the wife of Richard Bellamy and the mother of James and Elizabeth.

In the summer of 1906, she had an affair with a much younger man, Charles Victor Hammond, a Captain in the Khyber Rifles and a friend of her son.

During the war she falls in love with a young airman named Jack Dyson, who dies in action.

Hazel is particularly close to Richard, Georgina and Rose, but Hudson never truly accepts her, a middle class woman, as mistress of the house.

Portrayed by Lesley-Anne Down, Georgina, Marchioness of Stockbridge (née Georgina Worsley, born 28 November 1895) is the step-daughter of Lady Marjorie's brother Hugo, her natural father having died in a hunting accident when she was six years old.