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For all you folks 'down under': Hear Paul's honest presentation of his life as a JW trying to please Jehovah and finding freedom and grace in Jesus Christ.

You can email Paul at - Hear Brians impromptu personal testimony from the Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention.

The Lord continued to remain faithful and led him away from serving man into a personal relationship with Him. Bob shares how being a devout Roman Catholic for many years could never do what the Word of God did for him..him the assurance of everlasting life! An interview with former Astrologer Marcia Montenegro. A study of 8 key New Testament scriptures regarding the person of Jesus Christ, hell and salvation. Listen to former Scientologist Karen Pressley tell about her 16 years as a member and employee of the Church of Scientology and why she had to escape.

Email Tom at [email protected]"An Antique Testimony" - Jean's testimony goes all the way back to 1900. Answers the question: Is the NWT an honest translation of the Greek text? Also learn about engrams, auditing, e-meters, recruitment, L.

- Gods Amazing Grace Raised as a Witness and with a real heart to please Jehovah, Traci found herself trapped in a self-destructive lifestyle. Mike is at Test all Things Radio Program by Fran Sankey.


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    It’s a great way to gauge who at a concert or club is willing to see where things go.

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    Once you've joined, check out our to read about and. Cbat also like to fish camp go watch movies play pool i am really bad at cyat tho listen to music just the reaguler nomel things.

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    He's not going behind her back not liking photos - he's doing that to her face.