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With the ‘RL background’, I sometimes feel a bit awkward about potential Jarto stories. For the love of God, do leave some kind of feedback in order for me to quell my inner demons. With Pearl and the guys absent for the day, Hannah had enjoyed spending some quality time with her fellow namesake and Grace.

I honestly don’t know whether this is good or bad - so let me know! They were kicking back in the green room, freshening up before going out to mingle with the fans.

How she wanted a black hole to pop up beneath her and swallow her whole.

Grace and Mamrie had been sitting further down the rows, both with their respective boyfriends, as Hannah sat with Pearl and the rest of her team. The dread between wanting her friend to win so badly, and hoping that she wouldn’t.

Grace had already opened some bottles of Corona, which Mamrie had somehow managed to induce with tequila, causing the three of them to shudder when a familiar rush hit them.