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"He pointed to my stomach and said, ' Mommy, baby in your tummy!

When my son gives me a hug out of nowhere and I ask why, he says, "Because you're my love nugget." I love the surprise element of being a mom. We just spent four hours together during the day, and it was so exciting — outside, no children. A lunch date is more fun than a dinner date; you're not tired. As my kids get older, they can see me as a mom who loves working.

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Watching Khaleesi has made my hair three shades lighter and my eyebrows three shades darker.

Sandwiches are my favorite kind of food and I spend countless amounts of time perfecting their construction. I cannot abide people who are unkind, rude, stingy, sexist, racist or just plain mean.

Taylor Swift and I became friendly at first because she’s a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. When my husband and I started dating, I made him watch it and just sat next to him staring at him to make sure he really “got it.” 12.

My most embarrassing moment was falling off a six-inch platform heel on a red carpet while wearing a skirt.

Arizona Robbins, "it was a jump and scream moment," Capshaw said.


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