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pic.twitter.com/Wv G047f E6q— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) May 17, 2017 It's clear they both share a love of laughter, too.

When another Reddit user asked Biel who would play her and Timberlake, 36, in a biopic, she answered by re-sharing a tweet of comedy star Seth Rogen's that spoke for itself.

Which of course implies that he’s been giving out one of those dirty little gifts that keep on giving, to quite a few celebrity women. Jessica Alba(before she was Jessica Alba) used to date Derek Jeter, the serial celebrity dater, who plays for the NY Yankees.

Well, our source who worked for one of their camps, had to refill her Valtrex prescription for her on a regular basis!

Attending the MTV Movie Awards 2016 probably involves time dedication that they didn’t want to put in.