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I mean, I was always an incredible performer but my years as his hype man gave me the hands-on experience to be even better.Many local artistes always have a dream to make it in the US but you left a place where you could have been bigger and moved back home. America is obviously the Mecca of music but it’s not easy out there.The following year, Kenya became a republic under the leadership of President Jomo Kenyatta (1894–1978). Its government consists of a president and a legislative assembly of twelve members nominated by the president, 188 elected members, an attorney general, and a speaker.

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My host wasn’t happy and so I was kicked out and just like that I was homeless. Everyday when I go somewhere and people are hyping me up with compliments, it inspires me to go back to that studio and make more.

I just love progressing, big or small steps, I just love taking steps forward.

The indigenous Africans were displaced from their own extremely fertile land.